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who were you before people started telling you who you should be?


Catching the extra bit of sway in his love’s hips he watched for a moment, head tilted to the side and an appreciative smile across his lip. A moment more and he was jogging after Yasha to catch her round the waist to plant a soft kiss to the side of her neck, nipping there playfully as he walked with her.

"I am at that, but as it is I’m all yours today. Be in your best interest to take full advantage of it. Especially since there’s no way I’m leaving you by your lonesome. What if some other guy happens by and makes the mistake of thinking you’re single?" he hummed, something deep inside itching at just the thought. 

Yasha’s face was innocent, “Well, I’d worry more about any lovely ladies assisting me. They’re going to be doing up my bra and maybe I’ll need help getting my lovely little panties settling right.” She could turn a straight lady bi, at the very least. She was sure of it. 

Suddenly, a thought niggled in the back of her mind and she laughed. “I believe I recall you saying sometime that the flirting with others had to stop or else someone would die. Maybe I should be careful.” she snickered, slipping her way out of his arms as they entered, looking interestedly around. “Definitely have to get Faith a present too.” she mused. 

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She wasn’t surprised when the man attempted to flee from them given the choices he’d been presented with. What she was surprised at was when Yasha caught him, as she knew he would, the man did surprise her in the way he handed or rather threw his ‘prey’ at her. Really she shouldn’t have been, knew Yasha was more than just the small glimpses of the thing just lurking below the surface of her, wanted to see more. Too curious for his own good.

Sucked to be him though because she wasn’t about to fucking manipulated into endangering herself, and him by extension. It was over with quickly. She caught him easily enough, catching his head between her hands, fingers tangling into his hair to keep him from pulling away. A quick twist with her hands and there was the tell tale snapping sound that spoke levels of her strength and of the man’s death. She let him drop to the floor, eyes narrowed on Yasha, daring him to say something over how quick she’d made it. Honestly the man hadn’t deserved it. She’d hoped that Yasha would take his time, make it hurt…It’s what he’d deserved after the life he’d led…

Yasha sighed, rolling his eyes as he sauntered over to the now dead man, easily slitting a patch of skin away to get the blood and begin working on the little message. Even as he worked, a quick job, he turned his gaze to Faith. 

"So boring. Why do something simply like that when there is obviously something that wants to come out to play? It had so much potential.” A part of him, probably Winter, was very glad that she hadn’t lost control of…whatever was inside of her. Another part, his curiosity, was irritated. 

It was a quick job. Room in red blood. Leaning down, he slipped his hand into the water of the jacuzzi to clean it off, before wiping his hand on his pants. “Come on then. Let us get out of here before someone comes along. I’m sure the message will get to the right ears.” he informed her as he sauntered past. At least now he could talk about dollhouse. "You and the guy childhood friends? Like playing with dolls and dollhouses together?” he asked nonchalantly. 

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Some things never change.

Tbh, I’d probably make strained faces if I was using my body as a weapon like him…but also; I’m going to pretend he’s making that face beneath the mask whenever he wears it.

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A virus attaches to a life source and sucks the life from it. I did that to Bucky for seventy years. It’s just that now he has SHIELD and the Captain and the Avengers. Now he has his medicine to fight me off.

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