Faith didn’t once bother to answer him while he worked, not about to divulge even a bit of that part of her to the reckless Russian. Even just a small showing of the monster within obviously had the man near brim full with wonder. That was something dangerous enough in itself without her indulging him.

"Sure, let’s go with that." She snorted turning to follow him out the door.

Yasha willingly led her along, towards the exit, before veering sharply into another private bath. If she didn’t want to share her monster with him now, fine. He was still going to take advantage of his time with her in a downright steamy room. 

He offered her an innocent look, spinning around to face her and meander backwards toward the bath. “My hands are all bloody. I don’t think the Masters would appreciate dirty hands. I need to clean them.” he pointed out, before promptly stripping out of his shirt. 

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It’s not just about sex. Don’t get me wrong. Sex is fucking great, but when you have a connection with someone, when you feel so strong for someone, just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak. You just can’t beat that.


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Ms Mr - Bones

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Times moves, people change, and life carries on. Its a few years ahead and Fabian has everything he could ever want. Everyone he loves under one roof. A piece of the world to call his own, and a knowing, a sort of peace that should anything happen to him, his beloved are safe, and secure. His home is filled with more than the voices of his lovers now. The song of young children can be heard in the halls and while beautiful sometimes it does get to be a bit much. Occasionally it gets to where he’s so busy trying to feel everyone about him through sound alone hi own thoughts get drowned out. He loses himself just a bit in it. 

When this happens its not uncommon to see him grab his gear and guitar and hike out to the woods of the property. Faith knows not to worry about it, and stops to the children when they go to follow him. Knows he just needs a bit of time for himself. He finds it in the woods, uses the power box connected to his children’s treehouse. The one he and Bucky built together and he plays. He plays and he sings. Sometimes songs prewritten, sometimes popular pop, or the older tunes he knows the other’s love. Sometimes its spontaneous, maybe thoughts he’s had during the week put into lyrics. 

They can hear him from the house sometimes, hear him let it out in one of the only talents he doesn’t share with Faith. Its broken and sad sometimes, but always beautiful. This is how he heals, this is his one fix, music.

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Drowning in Vodka
Yasha: Predator. Virus. Creation. Evil. Monster. Implant. Insecure.

A virus attaches to a life source and sucks the life from it. I did that to Bucky for seventy years. It’s just that now he has SHIELD and the Captain and the Avengers. Now he has his medicine to fight me off.

Singleverse: Faith and Fabian Lehane and Their Family

Red Room!Yasha

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