She’d been looking out the window when Yasha spoke, contemplating the nature of tonight’s job and wondering at exactly why the mark’s name felt familiar. she had a sinking feeling she’d met him before, when she had a different name,a different, personality. His memory wasn’t something that belonged to her but of a fabrication of another person that lived in her head, a case file she had in storage… She couldn’t remember the details [blocked out most of the jobs she’d had as echo], but fuck if you didn’t hope it hadn’t been a romantic engagement.

His words made her turn though, eyes a touch wider than they’d been. It was so easy for her to forget sometimes that while not as dangerous as the soldier, Yasha was vicious in his own right, and it wasn’t even a calculated blood lust either. It was a hunger like hers. She swallowed hard as she felt the beast within shift a bit, still slumbering but reacting all the same to the way her pulse sped just a bit.


"You would though. You’ve got a thing for drama, and the build babe, and it shows every time." she hummed, stepping past him and immediately snagging two uniforms off a cart that had been parked near the door. If Yasha was keen on making this a show, she wouldn’t stop him, it had been a while since she’d been on a job like this after all and if this guy had hired her as echo in the past, well then she already had more than half a mind to think him dirty.

"Can use these, make him think we work here?"

"Drama is more fun." he teased, feeling a foreboding sense that the statement would come to haunt him. Nodding his agreement, he took her arm and dragged her into a shadow-y alcove to change into the disguises. No employees seemed to be around, so there was no need to worry about being spotted, but it was still probably better to at least have the cover of shadows.

Instantly shedding his clothing, he left it in the alcove as he changed into the disguise. He didn’t spare Faith a glance, professional enough while on a mission. 

As she finished changing, he went to the computer to search where their mission was located. He easily found the man, third private bath on the left, down the C hallway. Glancing up, he easily spotted it. 

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"I shouldn’t really be worried about you two hurting him, I should be worried about him hurting himself," Barney says softly, scratching his chin as his brow furrows.

It’s not an unknown fact that Clint is reckless and has a ridiculous amount of self-deprecation running through his system, so he really wouldn’t be surprised if Clint shows up dead because of these two fuckers playing around in one body.

"Tell me," He starts, crossing his arms and moving to sit in the chair opposite Yasha. "Bucky ever come close t’ hittin’ him?" He asks, eyes narrowing. "I’m all for asserting dominance— and I know Clint is— but there’s this little line that people tend t’ cross because Clint doesn’t know how t’ say no that’s a bit past abuse.”

Yasha hummed, considering. He had a real chance to throw Bucky under the bus here. But no, he’d be honest. If only temporarily. 

"No. There are moments where Clint pushes, almost like he wants to be hit, and I think for a moment that Bucky might move against him. But then he just shuts it down and steps back. It irritates the ад out of Clint when he doesn’t get angry.” Yasha snickered. 

"Honestly, I’m the one more inclined to hit Clint." he held up his hands, placating, and spoke before Barney could say a word or move against him in any way, "Though he hits back just as hard." Yasha smirked, "A few days ago, he came at me with a knife. Sometimes I think he forgets that his husband is also in here." he tapped lightly on his temple. 

"Your brother isn’t nearly as helpless as he seems. At least not with me." His smirk turned into a catlike grin. "Maybe I make him a better person. Stronger. Aren’t you supposed to improve one another when in a relationship?”

If I tell you I need you, do not take it lightly. I do everything I can to never have to depend on anyone, to never show weakness, and if I say that I need you, it means I am trusting you to catch me when I fall.

can we talk about sebastian stan’s legs for a moment?


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She moved to stand, giving the other a rather flat look. No matter how many times he said it, no matter how many times he said it didn’t matter or they didn’t need to know, it would never sit well with her. If she was going to kill someone, regardless of who they were, she wanted a legitimate reason why. But of course that was something she’d never get. Not so long as she was here. 


"And when do we head out then? It’s already nine, you’d think the place would be closing unless the guy has ties with the place and a private room." she murmured, moving to stand in front of Yasha with a rather suggestive look on her face. She wondered if yet again the man was thinking of trying to entice her to play after…Probably.

"And yes. I may be a touch lazy but I do still believe in work before play. Or rather, play as you work."

Yasha nodded, moving to stand and follow her. The ride over was quick, but filled with flirting (at least on his part) and sharing more details. The man did in fact have a private room. They could go for straight to the point and just storm the joint, or they could go more subtle, steal some employee uniforms and shock him.

Yasha had a bad streak of theatrics and nastiness. He rather liked playing with his food, because it was so rare that he got to be the one to actually do the killing. Yet, this time around, the Red Room wanted a message spread.

“Perhaps I can make his red blood spell room. That’d get the message across, right?” There was some part of him that was horrified with himself for showing that side of him to Faith, but some other, more vicious part of him was pointing out that she had demons much darker than his own.

“After you.” he opened the door for her, knowing that his smirk was a touch bloodthirsty. Their last mission wasn’t a kill mission. “I vote subtle approach. Surprise him.”

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She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t sure she wanted to keep dancing for that much longer any more. She wanted to tell him that she was sick of not being allowed to live her life because the director’s rules kept her from doing so. She wanted to tell him so much, but she didn’t, Natalia was completely silent for a long moment. She knew she had potential, people had been telling her so for her entire life—and at some point she’d even started to believe them a little, but was it worth it?

When Yasha spoke again, the redhead’s eyes flickered up to meet his and she gave him a curious look. She almost argued, but ultimately decided that would be a bad idea. Letting out a breath, she got to her feet and stretched her arms above her head. “And what makes you so sure this is going to work?”

Off the top of her head, Natalia could think of at least ten ways to negate the progress he was trying to make with this plan. It’d be easy, too easy even. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to sabotage this, she wanted to make him… proud of her. She wanted him to see that she was trying, that she didn’t want to die—even if that was only kind of true.

Letting out a sigh, the redhead walked out of the studio, and then outside into the brisk air. She was always cold, so it didn’t bother her the way it should have—wearing the light clothing she was. Glancing back, Nat arched an eyebrow over at Yasha. “You know, I always knew you’d be trouble.” She teased gently, an easy smirk forming in her features as she stuck her hands in her pockets. “But that was mostly because every time you walk into the studio, all the girls swoon.” Well, not all of them. She’d always been too professional for that, oh but she’d felt a spark from their first practise together.

Yasha waited patiently, knowing that she had a lot to think about, a lot tot to take in. Yet, he had no intention of taking no for an answer. Because she was beyond worth it, and he’d keep working until she realized that. Finally, she gave him a question, and an easy one at that.

“Because I’ll make it work.” he said simply, shrugging, “I don’t want to have to break in another woman to be my partner. Not when we’ve worked so hard.” Not when I care for you so much more. Still words he couldn’t say, whether it was his own commitment phobia or the director’s warnings ringing around in his head.

Yasha followed her, a companionable silence settling until she just as easily broke it. His lips broke into a familiar smirk. “Yes, it works wonders for my ego. Though, you didn’t swoon.” he pointed out, offering her a genuine smile.

Perhaps that was what he liked about her so much. He always did like a challenge. Yet, she’d never broken down to him yet. She flirted, sure, but he could only assume she didn’t actually give in because of the director.

And that resulted in him becoming more and more attached as he got to know her. Which put him in this predicament.

He didn’t care about ballerinas with eating disorders. They all had them. He’d caught others vomiting and didn’t give a damn. Ballerinas were a dime a dozen. Yet, not her. He put much too much effort in to her. And he hated it, but he happily did it for her.

“Now, let me take you dinner.” he cajoled, voice sugary sweet and smooth, “You can have a salad or soup?”


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